Ocean Vistas Rules

Rules and regulations are subject to change.


1. Responsibility for repair of damage caused to common areas, common elements and limited common elements, including but not limited to elevators, walls, landscaping, appurtenances, properties or equipment will be that of the owner of the unit whose family, guest, employee, agent, invitee, lessee, or renter caused such damage. The owner will be responsible for all repair/replacement costs.

2. Individuals who violate Association rules and regulations may be asked to identify themselves and the condominium in which they reside.  Anyone refusing to identify him/herself and his/her unit number, upon request by an Association Member, Management, or a Board Member, will be treated as a trespasser and the proper authorities will be called. Association personnel are to be courteous at all times, and identify themselves.

3. No lease of a unit shall be for a period of less than one (1) week.

4. Noise, which disturbs others, shall not be permitted if avoidable. The volume on television, radio, stereo or other musical and sound devices shall be maintained at a moderate level at all times, especially during the hours from 10:00 p.m. to

8:00 a.m. daily.

5. Toys and vehicles, such as tricycles, bicycles, skates, skateboards, scooters and the like which are ridden or propelled shall not be utilized in any of the common elements and common areas of the buildings or grounds other than those areas which may be specifically designated for their use. The operation of such equipment in the garage area is prohibited at all times. However, bicycles may be ridden on driveways between drive-thru garage doors and Atlantic Avenue, for the purpose of egress and ingress.

6. Bicycles taken to and from the condominium must enter and exit through the garages only.  Bicycles must be stored in the areas so designated in the garages. Bicycles are not permitted to be stored in walkways.  The Association takes no responsibility for bicycle storage.

7. Children under the age of fourteen (14) shall not be permitted to loiter or play in the stairways, common area walkways, lobbies, Clubroom, Fitness Center, bathrooms, saunas, elevators or garage area.

8. The American flag and seasonal decorations between Thanksgiving and January 6th are permitted on balconies. No signs, signals, advertisements, or illumination shall be inscribed or exposed on or at any window, or other part of the building




including the common walkways or any common area, unless approved in writing

by the Association as per Daytona Beach Shores’ Regulations.

9. No outside shades, awnings, hurricane shutters, or window guards shall be used, except those put up or approved by the Association.

10.Tobacco use in the elevators is specifically forbidden and punishable by State law. Elevators should be kept clean and free of sand and debris.

11.No tobacco use (smoking) inside building (including Clubroom) except inside condominium units and their balconies.

12.No owner, lessee, renter or guest shall interfere in any manner with any portion of the lighting, heating, air conditioning, security system or other apparatus used for the common areas and common elements.

13.Owners’ names and signs are not permitted. The Association will specify and procure identification signs for use on the mailbox, directory and intercom panel.

14.Rugs, towels, blankets and other articles shall not be beaten or shaken in stairways, hallways, walkways, lanais, or on balconies. Dust and litter shall not be swept from a condominium into any passageway or from any balcony.

15.Common areas, common elements and limited common elements shall not be used for the storage of furniture or other personal property.  Hazardous or flammable materials may not be stored anywhere on the property.

16.Proper attire must be worn at all times (e.g. shoes, shirts, cover-ups).  Beach and swimming attire may be worn only with appropriate cover-up in the elevators and lobbies, and other common areas. Nudity and indecent exposure will not be tolerated in any public or common area, including any area exposed to public view.

17.Grocery carts and luggage racks are available for the convenience of all. Promptly return them to the proper area—cart return rooms on each floor or the garage levels. Carts and racks are not to be used in, or stored in the lobby at any time. Carts and racks are not to be used for any purpose other than temporary transport from vehicle to unit and back. Carts shall never be taken out of the building to pool or beach.

18.The pest control service, which makes quarterly visits, must be permitted entrance into each condominium by owners or occupants to insure adequate



control of bugs and insects. The Association, having the obligation to protect the common elements will enter any units, where no owner is available to allow

access, by using the provided owner’s key.

19.Dry off before entering building, as tile floors can be hazardous when wet! Footwear and cover-ups must be worn to and from the pool area at all times. Bare feet are strictly prohibited on common walkways and in the elevators, lobby areas, garage, and in the Clubroom and Fitness Center.

20. Owners must make arrangements directly with work crews or decorators (or the Association Concierge, if available) for entrance to their unit.

21.Rinse sand off after returning from beach to pool area using provided outside

shower and hose.  Do not use pool to rinse off any “boogie boards” or other

beach items.

22.Unit owners may NOT adjust TEMPERATURE controls on pool, the spa, or common areas.

23.Keep your units secure; however, the Association must have reasonable access for repairs and immediate access for emergencies. In addition, the provisions of Security Rule 2, which shall govern access to units.

24.Owners who are absent for more than a few days should turn off the unit’s main water valve and unplug small appliances. If gone more than one (1) month, make arrangements to have toilets flushed and water run through sink and tub/shower drains (prevents gas build-up).  Also set temperature at 78 degrees to maintain proper humidity levels.

25.The maintenance staff works for the Association; please do not ask for personal work to be done in your unit during normal working hours, except in an emergency.

26.With regard to written inquiries filed pursuant to Section 718.112(2)(a2), Florida Statutes, the Association will only respond to one (1) written inquiry per unit in any given 30-day period.  If more than one (1) written inquiry is submitted by a unit owner during a 30-day period, the additional inquiry or inquiries will be responded to in the subsequent 30-day period, or periods as applicable. In order for a written inquiry to be considered, it must conform to all the requirements of Section 718.112(2)(a2), Florida Statutes, it must be dated, and it must identify the author or authors of the written inquiry and their unit number or numbers.



The aforementioned does not include the reviewing of normally generated

OCEAN VISTAS documents.

27.Moving or deliveries are only permitted Monday through Friday between the hours of 8:00 a.m. to 3:30 p.m. excluding weekends and holidays and may be extended to include Saturdays with Manager/Association approval.  Deliveries must be scheduled with Management. Under no circumstances will any moving of large items or furniture deliveries be permitted through the main lobby.  Each Unit Owner and such Owner’s tenants, guests and invitees will be held jointly and severally liable for any damage to Condominium Property caused at any time, specifically including during the course of moving in or out, and during delivery operation(s). Reasonable care should be taken avoid damage at all times, especially to doors, floors, walls and elevators.

28.Fireworks are strictly prohibited on Ocean Vistas property.



1. It is prohibited to throw cigarettes, cigars, or any other object from the balconies or windows. Throwing any item is considered dangerous and will result in eviction of guests and fines for owners.

2. It is prohibited to use walkways, windows, balconies, outdoor furniture and other common elements of the building to hang or dry garments, towels, bathing suits, rugs and other small items.

3. The use of charcoal or propane gas grills is illegal and prohibited on balconies, in units or on any Association property. This will be enforced in accordance with State and local fire ordinances.

4. Walkway and Balconies shall not be used for storage.  Elevator vestibules serving two units are fire exit lanes. No floats, coolers, furniture, beach chairs, etc., shall be left in these areas at any time.

5. Feeding birds from the balcony, pool or any Association property is strictly prohibited.

6. Hose cleaning of balconies is prohibited except during a rain storm. Additional monthly date may be set by Association Manager to permit hosing by stack, working with unit owners.






1. Lobby doors, garage doors and service entrance doors, and pool gates shall not be opened for unknown or unidentified persons. Do not allow such persons to follow you into the building, the garage, or from the beach access. Lobby doors, pool deck doors, garage doors, and service entrance doors and pool gates shall not be placed ajar.  All doors must be secured (closed and locked) after entering or leaving. Advise strangers to call those they wish to visit on the security phone.

2 . Unit access shall occur and be governed by the following rules:


A. Each Unit Owner and Unit occupant shall be obligated to provide a key to all locks on the doors of the Unit to the Association. Whenever a lock is changed or added the Unit Owner or Unit occupant, if different, must supply a new key to be kept in the key vault.


1. When there is reasonable cause to believe that an emergency exists which endangers or has the apparent imminent potential to endanger the health, safety or welfare of any resident or to cause material or substantial damage to the condominium property, entry into a unit may be made by a person or agent at the direction of the Association or its managing agent, without prior notice or accompaniment and with instructions to take all necessary and appropriate actions to protect the persons or property involved.

2. As soon as practicable after the emergency arises, the Association shall notify the civil authorities, the unit owner(s), the residents of the unit(s) and the owners and residents of adjoining units, of the


emergency and the Association’s actions. The Association shall

take appropriate action, including the hiring of qualified workmen to abate or mitigate the emergency conditions, to secure and protect the condominium property, including without limitation the unit which has been entered and the property therein. When the emergency has passed, the Association shall cause the log hereinafter discussed to be completed.

3. No personal property within a unit may be removed, disposed of or destroyed by the Association without the prior consent of the resident of the unit and the unit owner, if different, unless the



condition of the property is a cause or potential imminent threat to cause material or substantial harm or damage.

4. These rules are intended to supplement and not to limit, and should be read in a manner consistent with the Association’s emergency powers, as contained in Section 718.1265, Fla. Stat. or its successor, as they may be amended from time to time.


Except as provided above or by law in the case of emergencies, whenever in the course of performing its lawful duties, it shall be necessary or desirable for the Association to enter a private residential unit for any purpose, no entry shall occur without satisfaction of each of the following conditions:

1. The giving of prior notice to the Unit resident and the Unit Owner, if different. Notice shall be given by the best means available and shall be given to the location designated by the resident or Unit Owner for such notices. The Association shall establish and maintain a list of emergency contact information for each Unit Owner and Unit resident, which it shall continuously update. At least once annually, the Association shall remind Unit Owners to update their contact information, which shall include a request to designate a local alternate emergency contact person. In the absence of a response from a Unit Owner or Unit resident, the notice to the Unit Owner shall be at the location designated by the Unit Owner for receiving official meeting notices, and the notice to the Unit resident, if different, shall be at the Unit. The notice shall also be sent via email to any email address known to the Association for the Unit Owner and Unit occupant. If no e-mail address is known to the Association, then notice shall be posted on the Unit door.

2. The Association shall give not less than 24 hours prior notice before entry. The notice shall state the purpose(s) for which unit entry shall be made, the identify, whether by name or title, of not less than two (2) persons who will make the entry, the expected time of entry and the anticipated duration of the entry. In the absence of a third party vendor, the entry shall be made by not less than two duly authorized representatives of the Association.




3. In instances where a third party contractor or vendor is performing services on behalf of the Association inside a private residential unit, the vendor or contractor shall be accompanied by at least one employee, managing agent employee, officer, director or committee member appointed by the Board or its managing agent. The Association representative shall be present throughout the entire period of entry into each unit for the purpose of safeguarding the personal property and ensuring that the premises are secured when entry is concluded.

D. In the event a Unit Owner or Unit resident declines to permit the Association to exercise its lawful right of entry or otherwise obstructs entry, after additional notice, which may be telephonic, in addition to those persons  specified above, the Association shall engage a locksmith and an off-duty police officer to attend, facilitate and witness the entry. The cost of removing and replacing the lock(s) and of the officer’s attendance shall be the joint and several responsibility of the unit owner and resident, payment of which shall be a condition precedent to obtaining a key for the replacement lock.

E. The Association also shall maintain a log of all unit entries, listing the information required by this rule to be provided by the Association to the Unit Owner and Unit resident (a copy of each notice shall suffice) along with proof of notice for each entry. The log shall show, at minimum, (i) The efforts made to attempt to contact the Unit Owner

and/or Unit occupant for access, and (ii) the Unit Owner’s or Unit occupant’s response, if any, and (iii), the reason for the entry, and (iv) the names and authority of persons entering unit, and (v) the date and time of entrance and exit to and from the Unit, and (vi) a description of all corrective actions taken while in the Unit.


Lessees are defined as more than one (1) month.  Renters are defined as less than one

(1) month.

1. Owners or Rental Agencies must present a copy of the rental or lease agreement to Management prior to each occupancy.  Such agreement should contain contact information, unit(s) being leased or rented, and arrival and departure dates.

2. Minimum rental terms shall be for a one (1) week period; b) maximum of eight (8) persons in a two (2) bedroom unit, ten (10) persons in a three (3) bedroom unit, and 12 persons in a four (4) bedroom (media room) unit. In no event shall these foregoing limits be interpreted to permit occupancy by more than a single family.  (Article 11.1 of the Declaration of Condominium limits use of a unit to a single family.)

3. All lessees, renters, and guests will be provided parking passes to display on the vehicle.  A reasonable request for additional parking passes may be requested by providing vehicle information to management. Vehicles without a proper vehicle pass will be towed.

4. Owners are responsible for the actions, behavior, and any damage caused by their lessees, renters, or the guests and invitees of same, to any portion of the Condominium Property. It is the responsibility of each Unit Owner to make sure that their lessees, renters, and guests are aware of ALL the Rules and Regulations, as well as the provisions of Article XI of the Declaration of Condominium. The Association requires that a complete copy of the Rules and Regulations and said Article XI be available in each leased/rented unit and that each renter and tenant acknowledge receipt of same in writing.  If the unit owner has not provided a signed copy of receipt executed by the lessee or renter at the time of check-in, the lessee or renter will be required to sign a receipt indicating that they have read and understand the Rules and Regulations and Article XI of the Declaration of Condominium. This receipt will remain on file with the Association during the lease/rental period. Parking passes will not be issued without an executed receipt on file.




1              All REFUSE going into the trash chute MUST BE BAGGED in plastic and TIED SECURELY.  Trash chutes are located in the Rubbish Room–one is located on each floor.

2              Any trash bags too large for the chutes shall be taken to dumpsters located in the Ground Level Parking Garage near garage doors.

3              The following items SHALL NOT be placed in the trash chute but placed and neatly stacked by the Ground Level Parking Garage Dumpster: large cartons (must be



broken down); wooden boxes or crates; bulky packing material; paint or hazardous material; plants or wood.



Pet Restrictions

A maximum of two (2) domesticated dogs, cats, or birds (or any combination

thereof) may be maintained in a Unit provided such pets are: a) permitted to be so kept by applicable laws and regulations, b) not left unattended on balconies or in common areas, c) not a nuisance to residents of other Units or neighboring buildings, d) not a Pit Bull, Rottweiler, German Shepherd, Doberman or other breed considered to be dangerous, e) the animal does not exhibit any aggressive behavior, f) the animal has not been involved in any prior incidents of biting or harming an individual at any time or location, g) the animals not weigh more than eighty (80) pounds of combined total weight, and

h) no pets shall be maintained in any limited common element storage spaces.

Any issues concerning the above shall be decided solely by decision of the Board of Directors, provided neither the Board nor the Association shall be liable for any personal injury, death or property damage resulting from a violation of the foregoing, and any occupant or Owner of a Unit committing such a violation shall jointly fully indemnify and hold harmless the Board of Directors, any other Unit owner damaged and the Association for any such claim or liability including attorneys

1              Pets may include dogs, cats, fish aquariums, and birds. They are limited to the interior confines of the unit unless accompanied by owner.  Pets shall be leashed or carried when in the common areas. Absolutely no rodents, snakes, insects, or potentially invasive animals.

2              The board on a case-by-case basis will make exceptions for owners with medical or physical problems.

3              Any pet leaving a condominium shall be adequately contained or leashed while in the common areas. Pets are not permitted in the Clubroom or the Fitness Room.

4              Pet owners are required by law to clean up after their pets. There are no exceptions and violators may be subject to fines.

5              No pet is allowed in the pool, in the spa or on the beach per state and county law. No pet is allowed on the pool and spa decks unless required by law to be permitted.

6              No pets shall be bred or maintained for commercial use.



1              Pets must have required immunization, flea control, and vaccination shots as recommended by the American Veterinary Association. Such documentation shall be provided to Association upon registration as a guest or as requested of unit owners.

2              Any pet which creates a nuisance to residents must be removed immediately. Barking dogs will not be tolerated.

3              If a pet causes injury or damage, it is the sole responsibility of the owner to provide reimbursement. The Association is not liable.

4              Family members, lessees, renters, and guests using an owner’s unit are subject to the same rules as the unit owner. A unit owner who rents his or her unit can restrict lessees or renters from bringing pets to the unit while renting, and are encouraged to do so. At no time will more than two pets be allowed in a unit.




The pool area is for the exclusive use of Ocean Vistas Owners, their guests; lessees, and renters. The pool is not for the continued use by non-resident friends, guests and family members unless such persons are accompanied by the unit owner, residing in the owner’s unit, or pre-registered with Association Management. For Purposes of the above, “accompanied by owner” shall mean the owner is present either at the pool or in the owner’s unit.  Any exception to this policy must be approved in advance by the Board of Directors.

1              Rules for use of the pool and the pool area and spa are posted and will be enforced by the Association Management, or by the owners.

2              Pool hours:  7:00 a.m. to 11:00 p.m.

3              No lifeguard is on duty. Use the pool at your own risk.

4              Owners are responsible for the conduct and safety of their children and guests at all times while using the pool or hot tub.

5              Adults who are incontinent and children who are not toilet-trained must wear ecology type garments/protective pants. Children who are not toilet trained may not be in the spa.

6              Children under 12 years old are not permitted without adult supervision in the pool or hot tub/spa, per Florida law.  The spa is not a children’s pool when not in use.

7              Admittance to the swimming pools/hot tubs shall be refused to all persons with medical conditions that might cause a concern to other people such as infections, inflamed eyes, open sores or wearing bandages unless such bandages are environmentally-contained.



8. Remove sand, tar, or oil before entering the pool and/or building.  Rinse sand off after returning from beach to pool area using provided outside shower and hose.

Do not use pool to rinse off any “boogie boards” or other beach items.

9. All must shower before entering the pool or spa. Shampooing is not permitted in pool area.

10.Dry off before entering the building. Tile can be hazardous when wet. Footwear and cover-ups must be worn to and from the pool area at all times. Bare feet are strictly prohibited on common walkways and area and in the elevators, lobby areas, garage, in the Clubroom and Fitness Center.

11.No glass containers allowed on pool decks, in pool or in hot tub/spa and no food allowed in pools or hot tub/spa, per Florida law.

12.No jumping or diving.  No running, rough play or throwing of any objects (i.e. frisbees, balls, etc.)  Water balloon slingshots and water balloon throwing is prohibited and will result in eviction and/or fines for owners. No water pistols, guns or similar items are allowed in the common areas or on community property.

13.Soft floats, boogie boards or any object that becomes a nuisance to others are not allowed in the pool.  Fun noodles and life vests are permitted. Remote-controlled toys are not allowed if it becomes a nuisance to others.

14. Animals are not allowed in the pool or in the pool and spa deck areas unless required by law to be permitted.

15.Only bathing suits are to be worn in the pool and spa unless more restrictive and less revealing clothing is required by religious belief, provided that such clothing may not create a hazard to any person or equipment.

16.Only battery-operated radios/music players are permitted in the pool area. The volume should be maintained at a level so as to not disturb others.

17.Furniture shall not be removed from pool area.

18.Cover chairs and lounges with towels or cloth when sunbathing with tanning oils or sunscreens as a courtesy to others.

19.Pool furniture cannot be reserved by placing towels or other objects on it, except when you are in the pool.

20.All pool gates must be locked at all times. Lock gates after each opening.  Owners must make keys available to their guests, lessees, and renters.

21.No one, at any time, may climb or jump over a fence on community grounds.


22.Only AUTHORIZED Association personnel can adjust pool or hot tub thermostats and controls. Unit owners, guests, lessees, renters, and visitors, tampering with controls at the pool (other than the timer of the hot tub) are specifically prohibited.

23.Do not walk in the landscaped areas.

24.Proper attire must be worn at all times (e.g. shoes, shirts, cover-ups).  Beach and swimming attire may be worn only with appropriate cover-up in the elevators and lobbies, and other common areas.  Nudity and indecent exposure will not be tolerated in any public or common area, including any area exposed to public view.



1. For the purposes of this regulation “tobacco” is defined as holding or using lighted tobacco products of any kind including without limitation, cigarettes, cigars, pipes and the use of smokeless tobacco.

2. Smoking is prohibited in all interior common areas as per the Florida Clean Indoor Act effective 10/1/92.

3. Please remove cigarette butts from any Association property or place in a proper receptacle.

4. Owners are encouraged to prohibit smoking within their rental/leased units.




1. Each owner is responsible for any damage done to the Club areas by guests, lessees, renters, family members, pets, employees, agents or commercial companies that are here for owner purpose. The owner will be responsible for all repair/replacement cost and clean up cost.

2. Proper attire is required. This includes shirts and shoes.  Swimwear, bare feet and beach towels are not allowed.  Positively no pets permitted at any time.

3. Children under 14 must be chaperoned by an adult (18 years of age or older) – no exceptions.

4. The Clubroom is normally only available between 9:00 a.m. and 11:00 p.m. with clean-up (if necessary) to be completed by midnight.

5. Users of the Clubroom must remove all food and drink containers and other trash, replace furniture to its original position and turn off the lights upon departure.

6. If kitchen is used it must be cleaned and all appliances turned off upon departure.

7. Pool table equipment is to be handled with care and replaced in wall rack.



1. Music should be played at a reasonably moderate level in consideration of others.

2. Decorations should be limited to those that do not require tape or push pins to attach to walls, ceiling or painted surfaces.


10.All Clubroom activities and parties are to conclude by 11:00 p.m., except for New Years Eve (1:00 a.m.).

11.Private functions are allowed.  Currently, commercial functions are allowed but the Association reserves the right to terminate commercial use in the future.  See Clubroom Reservation Policy for reservation of Clubroom.

12.Only invited guests will be permitted entrance to Clubroom when a private function is sanctioned by Office Manager and an approved sign posted on door.

13.No smoking allowed. The reserving owner is responsible for informing guests of our smoking policies.



1. Reservations for exclusive use of the Ocean Vistas’ Clubroom will be restricted to persons owning, leasing, or renting a unit in Ocean Vistas, for their use with their immediate families and guests. Residents of Ocean Vistas may seek INFORMATION regarding Clubroom availability by contacting the Association; however, reservations may only be made through written application, e-mail, or phone call to Association Management.

2. A security deposit of $250.00 is required to reserve the requested date of reservation. The security deposit will be refunded in full approximately two weeks following the event, if no damage has occurred to the facilities and all conditions of use are met and the room is returned to its original condition by the user. The maximum number of persons allowed will be limited to the Fire Marshall’s occupancy rating of 95 people.

3.The Clubroom may be reserved a maximum of 90 days in advance. The Association, if formally requested in writing, may grant special dispensation for weddings, bar mitzvahs, and other events that require more than 90 days of pre-planning. When the Clubroom is reserved for weddings or wedding receptions, the bride or groom must be an immediate member of the resident’s family, (i.e., father, mother, sister, brother, son or daughter).

4. The Association will not be held responsible for any supplies, equipment, food, beverage, furniture, etc., provided for the event before, during, or after the event. All such items must be delivered only on the day of the event and must be removed immediately after the event unless otherwise arranged with the property manager. Any subcontractor used for an event must be bonded and licensed and insured.



1. Only one application per day for the Clubroom will be accepted. Owners may only reserve the Clubroom on New Year’s Day, New Year’s Eve, Easter Sunday, Memorial Day, July 4th, Labor Day, Halloween, Thanksgiving, Christmas Eve, or Christmas Day if the Association will not be using.  Applications are accepted on a first-come, first-pay basis.

2. Failure to follow Clubroom policies, proper cleaning or causing excessive damage may result in the suspension of reservation privileges.

3. A copy of this POLICY is provided for each person reserving the Clubroom.




1. Each owner is responsible for any damage done to the Fitness Club by guests, lessees, renters, family members, employees, agents or commercial companies that are here for owner purpose. The owner will be responsible for all repair/replacement cost.

2. Proper exercise clothing is to be worn. Exercise equipment cannot be used with bathing suits–no exceptions. Shoes must be worn.

3. Towels are to be placed on equipment.

4. An adult (18 years or older) must accompany children under 14.

5. Use of exercise equipment is at your own risk.

6. No radios or other audio devices (except that which has been provided in the facility) are permitted. Personal headsets are acceptable.

7. Wipe down equipment seats and backrests when finished as a courtesy to others.

8. Report damaged or inoperable equipment immediately to the Association Management.

9. The sauna is to be used only by adults, 18 years or older. 10.No food or beverage is allowed except bottled water. 11.The Fitness Center is open for use from 5 a.m. to 11 p.m.


OCEAN VISTAS garages comprise an officially authorized TOW AWAY ZONE.  The following rules are strictly enforced and MUST be adhered to at all times:





1. OCEAN VISTAS unit owners, their guests, lessees, and renters may park inside a garage but must park ONLY in their assigned space. Owners may make their space available to other Association registered vehicles with written notification from owner.  Long-term parking at Ocean Vistas front entrance is prohibited between the hours of 6 p.m. and 9 a.m.

2. Any vehicle so wide that it requires more than one parking space or one so long that it must encroach upon another parking space or upon the driving corridors is not allowed to park in the garage.

3. Vehicles must be parked in-between designated parking space lines and must be pulled fully into the space either contacting or just short of the tire stop. Vehicles may not extend more than twelve inches from the end of the parking space line into the driving corridor.

4. No commercial vehicles, boats or trailers of any kind shall be parked in any parking space, or be permitted to enter a garage. The prohibition on parking shall not apply to the temporary parking of trucks and commercial vehicles for pick-up and delivery or repairs.

5. Moving and delivery vans may park ONLY for the purpose of loading or unloading in the designated areas adjacent to the garage entrance doors on the north and south sides of the building. All moving and delivery vans must register with the Association. Association Management coordinates all move-ins.

6. Storage of any kind is prohibited in ANY parking space or anywhere inside the garage, except in designated storage lockers or storage rooms. Bicycles may be parked only in Association-provided racks or designated areas.

7. Car repairs, oil changes and refueling are strictly prohibited in garages or anywhere else on Association property. However, hot starts ARE allowed. Car washing and cleaning are permitted only in the designated areas.

8. Motorcycles, which fit within parking spaces, may be parked in garage parking spaces but must follow the same registration and parking procedures as automobiles.


1. Every vehicle will have a form of parking identification, updated annually for owners. One for each owner reserved space(s) and one for first-come, first-serve unmarked spots, upon request. There will be no storage of vehicles upon the Ocean Vistas property.


1. Regardless of the unit reserved, a total of 2 vehicles per short-term rental reservation are all that are permitted in the Ocean Vistas garages.

2. Any owner or long-term lessee (6 months or greater) may request additional parking identification for permanent, licensed driver(s) who reside in a unit, to be updated annually.

3. Based upon number of unmarked parking spaces (68), there are no guarantees for parking above and beyond the individual unit marked parking.

4. These rules are not meant to prohibit private functions.  However, availability of unmarked parking is on a first-come, first-served basis.

5. Motorcycles may be parked within unit designated parking.  However, at no time may a motorcycle take up solely an unmarked parking space. There are areas designated within both garages for motorcycle parking.

6. Bicycle racks are provided for use in both garages.

7. As stated in Ocean Vistas Condominium Documents: “Mobile homes, motor homes, truck campers, oversized vehicles (beyond 2 spaces located in upper garage on first-come, first served basis), trailers of any kind, and boats are prohibited and shall not be kept, placed, stored, parked,  maintained or operated


upon any portion of the property. “  Art. XI, Sec. 11.9

9. Vehicles shall park between lines designating parking spaces.

10.Specifics of parking identification (i.e., decals and/or hanging cards) to be worked out by Ocean Vistas Management and Board of Directors based upon cost factors.  Monday afternoons any vehicle without identification will be left a reminder notice.

Tuesday afternoon any such vehicle without identification will be towed at owner’s

expense. 11.Owners, or their Guests who stand in their stead, must use their assigned space BEFORE using an unmarked parking space.



The Association may levy fines in accordance with Florida Statutes Section 718.303(3) or its successor and the Bylaws of the Association. The process for the levy of a fine shall be pursuant to Florida law and the Florida Administrative Code, as amended from time to time, and in accordance with the following Rules and Regulations.

1. The alleged violator (and Owner of the Unit, if not the same) will be sent a demand letter stating the nature of the violation, including reference to the specific provision(s) of the governing documents of the Association that have allegedly been violated. The demand letter will be sent by first class mail and separately by certified mail, return receipt requested, postage prepaid. The demand letter shall include a warning that if the violation(s) do(es) not cease and desist within the time period established pursuant to the next paragraph, measured from the date of the demand letter, a fine may be imposed, in addition to and not in lieu of other remedies available to the Association.


2. The alleged offender will be given a reasonable period to correct the violation. The period may be adjusted depending on the nature of the violation. In the event of complicated violations requiring a length of time to complete, two (2) time deadlines shall be given. The first shall state a date by which a substantial commencement at compliance must occur. The second shall be a reasonable date for completion, with continuous efforts used to achieve compliance between the two dates.  If the violation is in the nature of a one-time incident, the demand shall advise the offender that repeating the offense may result in a fine. In no event shall the time to cure be less than ten (10) days.

3. If the demand letter is ignored, or if compliance is not achieved as required by the demand letter, the alleged violator (and Owner of the Unit, if not the same) shall be sent a Notice of Fining Hearing, to be held simultaneously before the Board of Directors (“the Board”) and the House Rules or a similar committee (“the Committee”), which Notice will include the time, date and place of the hearing. The date of the hearing will not be less than ten (10) days after the date of the Notice. The Notice shall be sent first class mail and separately by certified mail, return receipt request, postage prepaid. The simultaneous Board and Committee meetings shall also be duly noticed, as required by law. The alleged violator (and Owner of Unit, if not the same) shall be entitled to representation by counsel and may present any evidence which they deem to be exculpatory or in mitigation of the alleged violation or the fine.

4. The Committee shall be composed of Unit Owners appointed by the Board of Directors, and who are not current directors or officers nor spouses of current officers or directors.  Nor shall a Committee member be the alleged violator (nor the Owner of the unit, if not the same) nor the spouse of the alleged violator (nor the Owner of the Unit, if not the same). The Committee shall be composed of an odd number of Unit Owners, having not less than three (3) members.  In order to maintain impartiality, the Board of Directors may appoint a panel of Committee members, any three (3) of whom may sit as the Committee on a violation, thereby permitting persons who may live near an alleged violator or who may otherwise be affected by an alleged violation(s) to be excused from service on a given violations.

5. The alleged offender shall be given a meaningful opportunity to be heard. The hearing shall be conducted by the Board in the presence of the Committee and the offender.  Both the Board and the alleged violator (and Owner of the Unit, if not the same) shall have the opportunity to cross-examine witnesses and present evidence. The Board will render a decision as to the violation, the amount of the fine to be imposed, if any, and the time for payment. The amount of the fine shall not exceed the maximum amount allowed by law.  If the Board sets a fine, the Committee then shall immediately proceed to consider this decision. If the majority of the Committee does not agree that a fine should be levied, or if it does not agree with the amount of the fine, then no fine may be levied. The Committee shall have no right to approve a different fine or to otherwise modify the terms set by the Board of Directors: it’s authority is limited to approving or disapproving the fine as established by the Board.


1. Minutes of the meeting will be kept by the Board and shall become part of the Association minutes of each body.

2. If the offender does not attend the hearing as scheduled, or does not timely request a reasonable alternative scheduling in writing in advance of the date of the scheduled fining hearing, the Board may consider such absence as some evidence concerning the validity of the alleged violation(s).


8. Failure of the offending party to pay the levied fine may result in legal proceedings to enforce payment, in which event the Association shall seek recovery of its reasonable attorney’s fees and costs, in addition to the fine.

9. Disapproval of the fine by the Committee shall have no impact of the right of the Association to take any other legal action it may deem appropriate in connection with the alleged violation(s). The foregoing procedure relates only to the imposition of a fine and is not required in the event that the Board declines to consider imposing a fine or fails to give advance notice of the hearing at which the matter will be considered. This procedure shall not be construed to be exclusive and shall exist in addition to all other rights and remedies to which the Association may be otherwise ent

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